Evie – Sunday Morning Brew Project


Raw, unedited images. Black & White. Infrared. Vignette


Lilly – Sunday Morning Brew Project



Raw, unedited images. Black & White. Infrared. Vignette


Housewife “Ti” – Sunday Morning Brew Project


Sunday Morning Brew Project

Raw, unedited images. Black & White. Infrared. Vignette


Christine – Law Student by Day… ;-)


University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law Student


Native American Calendar Cover Model Brittney



Oldie but Goodie


Mary and I worked together when we were both starting out in our careers.  I was living and working in San Francisco at the time.  T-Max 400 film. Natural Window Light. B&W Glamour Shot.

Mary J. Gines’ Instagram Site


More shooting… another project!


Working on my glamor calendar app for iPhone, iPad and Android products – stay tuned for more updates! M


Projects ….projects…and more projects…OH MY!


So many ideas not enough time in the day…. M


2012 Native Glamour Model Testimonials


Joelynn Benter: Ms. Sept 2011 & June. 2012

“Working with Michael’s team? EXCELLENT

Professionalism? GOOD

My Experience? Fun and enjoyable was treated kindly. Enjoyed every minute.

 Final Images? CAME OUT GREAT

Location? The location was excellent … a bit far, but Nothing I can’t handle: )


Amber Sekakuku: Ms. April & Nov. 2012; CenterFold

“For those of you aspiring Native models applying for the Native Glamour calendar, I’d tell you from my experience it was a great decision I’ve made to be apart of. TuaBella Studios are very professional and make the photoshoots so much more enjoyable & comfortable. The team is made up of great people and was a fun experience for me. I was featured in 2 months of the calendar, as well as the centerfold and the feedback about the calendar was amazing. If you have the confidence and want to push yourself to a next level, this calendar is the step. Wish all the applicants the best of luck and nothing but great outcomes your way.

- Amber Sekakuku xoxo”



Desirae Holland: Ms. Oct 2011 & Sept. 2012

“Calling all you lovely aspiring native models! Want a chance for your beauty to shine? Here is your BIG CHANCE! This is a casting call for the Native Glamour Calender 2013. I myself, was featured in the 2011-2012 calendar as Miss October 2011 and Miss September 2012. I had such an amazing experience working with Micheal and his team they are very professional and trusting individuals. Dont miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity!

(Serious inquiries ONLY please)

 Wish all you lovely ladies the best of luck!”


Wileeta Ann C: Ms. March 2012

“Hello Everyone, being Miss March in the Native Glamour Calendar 2012 was such an honor! When I arrived at the shoot, I had someone there to greet me, which made me feel as ease. Not only did I have a great time during the shoot, but the overall place was beautiful! The whole team (Micheal, Kevin, and Shyn) were down to earth and easy to talk to. Thanks to Micheal for scheduling a Calendar signing at Apache Gold Casino, I wouldn’t have had the time to get to meet my fans. The pictures from the Calendar were so elegant, beautiful, and sexy! If it wasn’t for the Calendar, I wouldn’t have had a huge fan base! Big Thanks to Mike, Kevin, and Shyn for their professionalism and talent!


Selena Watchman: Ms. Nov 2011

“Aspiring Native Models!!! Here’s your chance to shine! 2013 calendar casting call. Ladies only. I was in the 2012 calendar as miss march [it's actually Nov]. You can check my photo albums for some of the shot. Don’t miss out it’s a great opportunity and the Photographer and his team are so professional and trustworthy. I wish you all the best in your pursuits! Remember, never give up on a dream worth dreaming about.”




Well, seems like I am starting to gravitate away from the high-gloss, super contrast, deep colored images that you see in my website portfolio.  I have started to compile my images that I seem to now be trending towards…

See them at tuabella.tumblr.com/

Peace Out! Michael